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Welcome to Mr. Route Texas

Mr. Route, the longest established route broker in the country. Since 1984 our brokers have helped thousands of people Buy and Sell routes. Our newest Texas Office is now here to answer all your questions A-Z. Let Mr.Route show you how we set the bar for overall industry knowledge, professionalism, and overall customer service. Please make an appointment and let us show you how we can help you.

The Mr. Route Advantage

Mr. Route has been in business longer than the average business broker, and invented the idea concept of selling routes as a business by itself. We are known for customizing our agreements to the Sellers needs, so our Sellers are never locked into an agreement they are not happy with. At the same time, our Buyers benefit because we get the most serious Sellers to list with us. Our Buyers and Sellers therefore, get the maximum benefit by utilizing our services. Our brokers are proud of the fact that we go the extra mile to deliver the right numbers. We are a full service broker for both sides and strive to make both sides satisfied through the entire buying/selling process. We’re not just the best, but the nicest and most patient too.